Hound Dog

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You ain’t nothin but a Hound Dog in our adorable Hound Dog Faux Fur Hat! Luxurious brown fur with fun and playful Hound Dog ears!

Designed to emulate the perfect color and softness of genuine fur.

Eskimo Kids manufactures the highest quality faux fur hats for infants all the way to adults! These luxury hats are the perfect necessity for going out in frigid winter temperatures. Eskimo Kids are lavish and fashionable for the entire family, with multiple ears and animal designs to choose from! Using a blend of plush polyester and modacryllic, these faux fur hats encompass the soft, cozy feel of a genuine fur.

Includes:1x Eskimo Kids™ Hat
Material:Faux Fur ( polyester and modacryllic blend )
Care and Cleaning:Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
  • Newborn hat size: age range 0-3 months; (circumference 15 inches max)
  • Infant hat size: age range 3 months - 2 yrs; (circumference: 17 inches max)
  • Toddler hat size: age range 2yrs - 10 yrs; (circumference: 21 inches max)
  • Youth/Adult hat size: age range 10 yrs and older; (circumference: 25 inches max)
Rating Value

Dalimar Aquino
Ordered on
Nov 28th, 2020
Reviewed on
Jan 20th, 2021
I liked so much, excellent product Thanx
Ordered on
Oct 30th, 2020
Reviewed on
Nov 13th, 2020
My daughter picked out the hound dog hat, as we have two basset hounds at home and she was super excited about it. When it arrived it was not the hound dog hat but the grizzly bear hat. I opened it in front of her and she wanted to keep it anyways.Though a super cute hat and good quality it is disappointing it's not the hat she picked out for herself.
Heather Knight
Ordered on
Feb 12th, 2020
Reviewed on
Feb 27th, 2020
My son absolutely loves his hound dog hat!! Refused to take it off all day. Even tried to sleep in it.
Ordered on
Dec 26th, 2019
Reviewed on
Jan 8th, 2020
Hat is cute but overall ok, would not be worth $35+ It's sewn in pieces so that the fur is not smooth across the hat.
Daun Fox
Ordered on
Dec 5th, 2019
Reviewed on
Dec 20th, 2019
This hat is adored by our 2 year old! He was so happy to finally get his own EskimoKids hat. His brother and I joth have one, and he loved them! He wears this hat all the time now.
Ordered on
Feb 22nd, 2019
Reviewed on
Mar 6th, 2019
I own many of these and each and everyone of these have always been perfectly made. I can't wait to buy so many more. I want the whole collection for my twins. Then I will be buying more for gifts for other mother's. Thanks for such an amazing product.
Katherine Rojas
Ordered on
Nov 4th, 2018
Reviewed on
Nov 19th, 2018
The hat was just like the photo. The only thing is, the shipping cost was $15, which I thought was pretty silly considering that it still took over a week to come in.

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